The Advantage Of Outside General Counsel Services

What is the value in partnering with an outside General counsel? It's the relationship that develops over time and knowing whom to call when a legal question arises in the course of business. When business is expanding quickly, this is often essential.

Lionel Bochurberg, Esq., is based in San Diego and provides cost-effective legal representation to a variety of business clients - for example, California-based companies doing business abroad and European or Canadian firms looking to expand in the U.S. Our attorney has a broad-based background and has worked as in-house counsel. Attorney Bochurberg has practiced law in France and the U.S. and speaks French and Spanish.

Transactional Matters From Contracts To Mergers

When drafting an important procurement or licensing agreement, it is dangerous to use templates and forms. These provisions may not accurately represent what was agreed and can lead to problems. Our attorney will provide tailored services that meet the business need from negotiating contract terms to drafting or reviewing agreements.

When considering a merger or acquisition of another firm in the U.S. or abroad, we can provide guidance to smooth the process.

Business Law Counsel When You Need It

The size of your business and amount of legal work may not yet necessitate the addition of in-house counsel. It is, however, invaluable to develop a relationship with a business lawyer to serve in an outside legal counsel role when questions arise.

To learn about our outside legal counsel services, please send us a message online or call 858-314-9622 and set up an initial meeting with attorney Lionel Bochurberg.