Negotiating Transactions That Protect Your Rights

From our office in San Diego, Lionel Bochurberg, Esq., assists businesses with a wide range of business transactions including those that are international in scope. Engaging with other businesses abroad can present additional complications when compared to domestic transactions. Our firm's support empowers businesses to benefit from the freedom of a global marketplace with the confidence that their legal matters are in good hands.

Representing Your Interests From Formation Throughout The Business Lifecycle

Our extensive California and international experience includes the formation of business entities in 28 different countries, and we are well-positioned to give both legal and business advice in the software, wireless, telecom, semiconductor, biotech and renewable energy industries. We can assist your business with a wide range of business transactions, including but not limited to:

  • General business contracts: franchising agreements, partnerships and licensing agreements
  • Buy-sell agreements: purchase agreements, security agreements and bills of sale
  • Sale, purchase and licensing of intellectual property
  • Commercial agreements: procurement, distribution and loans

The process of arranging these agreements is often legally complex. International transactions, especially mergers and/or acquisition of companies, require an understanding of the legal requirements in both countries. Our firm offers experience-based advice on how to structure deals, secure the specifics of your agreement and how to ensure compliance with local and international business laws.

Answers To Your Questions On International Business Transactions

A seasoned international business lawyer can facilitate the creation of agreements with companies in other countries, allowing you to concentrate on running your business. To discuss your legal concerns with attorney Lionel Bochurberg, please call 858-314-9622 or send a message online to get started.

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