Growing Your Business Through International Mergers And Acquisitions

Strategic mergers and acquisitions can help your business grow rapidly. Acquiring or merging with a business in another country is often an efficient way of expanding into the global market and increasing sales. Given the complexities doing business abroad, it is vital to plan and execute any expansion with great care and forethought.

At Lionel Bochurberg, Esq., we cater to international companies seeking legal advice on mergers and acquisitions here in the U.S., as well as U.S. companies seeking to expand abroad. Our founding attorney holds a professional certificate in mergers and acquisitions from the New York Institute of Finance.

From our base in San Diego, California, we provide our clients with exceptional legal representation and transactional business guidance. Our knowledge and experience of international business ensure that your company's merger or acquisition will be conducted smoothly, with a minimum of risk and upheaval.

In-Depth Research And Clear Communication

When conducting international mergers and acquisitions, it is important to understand the legal, cultural and political climate of the country being targeted; our firm will assist you in identifying and addressing issues pertaining to local laws and compliance. It is also vital to consider how the target business will be managed after the acquisition, and a detailed integration plan is essential. A careful evaluation of the company will identify any potential issues that may arise, and our lawyer will help you anticipate any additional legal risks or complications.

An open dialogue with the target company is essential, and sending trusted representatives from your current organization to your newly acquired business can help ensure a smooth transition to new ownership. Our firm provides support and guidance throughout the process of transition, and our clients find our ability to communicate on their behalf in French, Spanish and English to be invaluable.

Ease The Transition

Whether your firm is planning a merger or acquisition into or out of the U.S., you can be assured that Lionel Bochurberg, Esq., will manage the legal aspects of your transaction efficiently.

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