Business Law Services From California With Global Insight

Successful companies face difficult decisions. Could the spin off and sale of a technology be a better route than scaling the technology internally? What legal barriers might exist to entering a European market? How will differences in communication affect a cross-border merger and acquisition of a complementary business? What are the pros and cons of setting up a subsidiary versus hiring a local distributor in a given local market?

From a San Diego office, Lionel Bochurberg, Esq., provides experienced legal guidance to businesses from small- and mid-sized local firms to international companies and entrepreneurs. Our founding attorney has worked as in-house counsel and practiced law in France and California since 1990. Drawing on a broad-based legal background and knowledge of international business law, he can assist with any legal issues your company encounters.

Exceptional Negotiation Skills

Attorney Bochurberg has handled complex business transactions. Some of these transactions include brokering the sale of a flywheel energy storage technology and Concentrating Photovoltaic (CPV) solar technology. He is also skilled at facilitating international mergers and acquisitions between intellectual property companies.

Some of the other types of transactional business, corporate and commercial law services that we offer include:

  • Formation of domestic and foreign entities
  • Software and other technology licensing agreements
  • Distribution and franchise agreements
  • International agency, transfer of technology and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreements

We can assist with each stage in the process from draft and review of agreement to resolving issues that arise in the transitional period after a merger and acquisition. By seeking experienced legal counsel in the negotiation and implementation process, it is often possible to avoid disputes that may lead to litigation in the future.

A Lawyer Who Knows Business

Whether a local or global business, the growing pains are manageable with the right assistance. It is critical to work with a lawyer who knows business law inside and out and provides exceptional service that is responsive to your unique needs.

To learn more about our services, please send us an email or call 858-314-9622 to set up a consultation with attorney Lionel Bochurberg.

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